Discussion on Design and Market of Pesticide Plastic Bottle

2021-01-04 11:17:44

The use of pesticide plastic bottles has been increasingly regulated and banned in food and vegetable cultivation; sometimes it has to be used in the cultivation of pesticides, and the amount is required to be very accurate, so that For the pesticide plastic bottles on the dose and capacity design also put forward higher requirements; in environmental protection, in the recovery, the capacity and so have very strict requirements;

custom biodegradable empty plastic 50ml cosmetic foam pump bottle

In the capacity, the traditional are used 500ML relatively large capacity packaging, and now with the development of the market, people's health requirements put higher and higher, the market to eliminate large capacity, the use of pesticides in the amount of substantial reduction , The use of pesticides after the precision, pesticide plastic bottle small capacity has become the dominant market; Second, the pesticide bottle dose control more and more accurate; this requires the design of pesticide bottles need to provide some dose of auxiliary tools, Such as pesticide bottles on the scale, and the control of dose everywhere;
In short, the improvement of pesticide plastic bottle packaging is the current market trend, in the future, these will affect the development of pesticide plastic bottle manufacturers;

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