Cosmetics plastic bottles in the market for new changes

2021-01-04 11:14:36

For the domestic cosmetics, the concept of consumer brand shopping gradually dissipated return to rational consumption, and now with the consumer awareness gradually mature, for cosmetics is no longer brand-oriented, and with more is the focus on the functional function of the product, But at first glance is still important, cosmetic plastic bottle packaging design is to quickly promote consumer attention, followed by consumers will notice the effectiveness of the product;

Some time ago "315" "Sode plan" activities in the implementation of China's ban on the flow of Korean products after China's less a lot of cosmetics, a large international brand, then there is no brand impact on the Chinese market, small brands have become larger The same time, the Chinese market has the opportunity, but also to the manufacturers a problem, and now people pay attention to the effectiveness of the same time, the market has a lot of international brands, So how to solve a problem is that their own brands can let consumers notice, and in line with the use of consumers, which need to do market research and observation;

Cosmetics manufacturers, manufacturers are more attention to the packaging, but have to do strict control of the cost of plastic packaging bottles and weight, the scale of the requirements of the cosmetics manufacturers is relatively high, small and medium-sized manufacturers is difficult to obtain large brand orders;

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Our company is specializes in manufacturing cosmetic packaging and make-up series packaging, including airless bottles, lotion bottles, cream jar with acrylic , PP, PET etc. All shape is available, such as round shape, pyramid shape, oval shape, curve shape, square shape, diamond shape etc. At the same time we can design as per customer’s request. Our products are provided with a high shining transparent apperance and a tight sealing inside, which can be used for the package containers of lotion and cream etc.

We are capable of providing one-station service to our customers from mold design, mold making, injection, to secondary processing, such as silk-screening, hot-stamping, vacuum coating, UV coating and frosting, etc.

"Quality first, customer supreme"is our principle, we control our quality as per ISO quality system’ demand, and we guarantee each product to pass the strict inspection before reaching customers’ hands.

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